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  1. Why re-upholster?
  2. Why not buy new furniture
  3. Where can I find new fabric?
  4. How long will it take?
  5. Is pickup and delivery available?
  6. What custom pieces can you build?
  7. What are your hours of operation?

Why re-upholster?

The current furniture is worn or out-dated. It might be a family heirloom that you would like to keep. Re-upholstery will actually save you up to 60% of the cost of new furniture.  This is the number 1 reason people choose to re-upholster. With re-upholstering, you will get a bigger bang for your buck!! You have the choice of picking out your own special fabric that will match the decor. You like the style of the furniture but the fabric does not go with your decor.

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Why not buy new furniture?

The quality of new furniture will not have the same quality of cushions as the re-upholstered cushions. Here at Andre's Custom Upholstery, we use the finest in fabrics and latex rubber not polyester foam.   It will save you money because the latex rubber has a lifetime guarantee.  Some of the new furniture from discount companies use cheap foams and non-warrantee fabrics.  Also, the woods that are used are of inferior quality.  In the long run, the new furniture piece may wear out sooner.

Where can I find new fabric?

Andre's Custom Upholstery carries a large selection of designer fabrics with a variety of prices.  Here is a short list of some of the fabric sample books we carry:  Peachtree, Eryin Allen, Greenhouse, Pacific Hyde, Sprawling, Bolaflex, and many more . We work with all types of fabrics including fine leathers and nylons.   We can assist you in selecting your fabrics.  There all also many wholesale outlets through-out the valley that you can purchase fabric.  We will work for you and the choice you select. 

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How long will it take?

The time to upholstery a piece of furniture depends on the piece itself and our current work load. An estimate for completion can be made at the time of pickup or drop-off. Generally, it will take up to and no more than 10 working days. 

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Is pickup and delivery available?

 Yes, we can pick up and deliver your furniture.  After, Andre's Custom Upholstery gets permission to do your furniture; then, an arrangement for pickup or delivery will be made. .  Please call for additional information.

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What custom pieces can you build?

Andre's can build any piece of furniture from custom sofas to custom breakfast booths. We build custom: ottomans, headboards for beds, bedroom benches, valances, breakfast booths, chairs, sectional sofas and custom cushions. All we need is documentation or a picture of what you want built. We can also upgrade your foam in your current sofa or chair.

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What are your hours of operation?

Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM until 4:30 PM.  Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only. A message phone is available after business hours. We will get back to you as soon as possible or visit our E-mail address located at the bottom of this page

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